Rico Rodriguez – Wareika Vibes


  1. Hey Paul, thanks for your comment! This tune goes back to the Heroes of Kingston album, which I did with Keith Finch in 2001 under the name JA-13. It was a tribute to the pioneers of ska/rocksteady and we were fortunate enough to work with some great artists including Alton Ellis, Rico, Dennis Alcapone, Owen Gray, Derrick Morgan and Winston Francis.

    All recordings took place at Stanley House Studios in West London. Keith & I put the music together. Rico came in and played trombone on a few tracks but we really wanted him to feature on his own. We’d written the main riff but he was such a great artist, we just let him improvise the rest on the spot, spoken word included! Good times, Rico was always a joy to work with and is sadly missed.

    Thanks for the interest.

  2. Richard,

    Came back to you website years later and find a reply!

    The record is a master work. For me it’s like a meditation, a spiritual lesson. I was in a especially raw place having separated from my wife when I first discovered this record. Hearing the sounds that come off this recording will aways take me to a moment when I allowed myself to move forward. Honestly, from my heart I sincerely thank you, Rico, and Keith for this. Music is a big deal to me so please don’t take this lightly; it’s one of my very favorite records.

    With much respect and humble thanks,


    PS please forward to Keith

    1. Hi Paul

      Good to hear from you again, pleased you found the reply!

      It means a great deal knowing that Wareika Vibes has connected with you so deeply, especially as it helped get you through troubled times, so I truly appreciate your words. Thank you.

      I’ll forward your message to Keith; and wish I could forward it to Rico too.

      All the very best


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